What makes this lifestyle jewelry different?

New-Earrings1We just returned back to the US after traveling to meet with some of the clubs and groups that are selling our jewelry.  It was wonderful as we got the chance to meet so many wonderful people; some who are selling our jewelry and some who are customers.  It gave us the opportunity to get feedback about the jewelry and to answer questions about it.  It was nice to hear how much people like the design and the concept but we kept having to answer the same question:  What sets your jewelry apart from the other jewelry sold as swinger jewelry?
     The answer is simple; we are the only company that designed jewelry specifically for people in the lifestyle.
     What was confusing to us before was how could you know for sure that someone was a swinger without having to ask them.  Even if they were wearing an ankle bracelet or a pineapple or whatever, if the piece was not sold only to swingers then we really could not be sure the person wearing that particular piece of jewelry was in the lifestyle, could we?  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, my mother wears an ankle bracelet and trust me, she’s not a swinger!  I had a meeting recently at a bank with a representative to discuss our business and she was wearing a pineapple pin.  Since I had to disclose the nature of our business to her it was a perfect opportunity to ask her about her pin.  She was shocked to hear that people might think she was a swinger!  She told me the pineapple is recognized as a traditional expression of “welcome” which is why so many homes have pineapple statues and such displayed outside.  Ha, all this time I thought I lived in a swinger neighborhood as all of our mailboxes have tiny pineapples on the pole!
      In order to protect the integrity of the jewelry it is never sold without mention of what the meaning is.  You can not go into a jewelry store and purchase a piece of our jewelry.  We have been approached many times by people who love it and ask us where they can buy it and we say we bought it overseas in a boutique.
      The jewelry will never be sold to someone who is not aware that they are buying a symbol that tells people they are in the lifestyle.  There is no other lifestyle jewelry out there who can make this claim.  That is what sets us apart.
     Our company has one mission, and that is to unite the lifestyle and allow people to find each other without fear of exposing themselves to others.