What does the pendant mean?

In order to create a symbol to represent swingers around the world, a tre

The pendant is round in shape to represent two things:   the first is the world and the second is to  portray the circle as a symbol of inclusion, which is a characteristic of people in the lifestyle.

The shape of the triangle is especially significant because it has a diversity of meanings.  It is clearly the most versatile shape as depending upon which way it faces, it means something different.  When the point faces up it is said to be a sign of masculinity, when it faces down it means femininity and by placing it on it’s side we wanted to represent both sexes and encompass the overlap at times between the two in sexuality.

It is also said that the 3 sides of a triangle represent mind, body and spirit.  The lifestyle requires a balance between all three of these in order to be rewarding.  By placing two playful figures inside the triangle, it captures the essence of people inside the lifestyle.
The branches which reach from one side of the circle  to the other are meant to depict our hands reaching across the continents to be inclusive to all people who are open to the lifestyle.

The screw nail heads on the circle represent love.  The love is surrounding the couple who in order to have a happy and successful relationship together in the lifestyle should be in love.

The pendant is a registered trademark both in the US and abroad.  Anyone ineterested in using the symbol must get written permission from Partners ID to avoid trademark infringement.