Trapeze Club has earned its reputation as being among the best swing clubs in the world.

Trapeze Club

Trapeze Club is one of the most well-known swing clubs in the world.  Besides being highly celebrated, it is arguably one of the best swing clubs in the world.  We feel confident that an overwhelming number of couples would agree.  While we have not been to all,  we have visited many swing clubs all over the world.  This gives us a broad base of comparison from which to judge.

Working your way up to obtaining the elite status of one of the best swinger clubs in the world is no easy feat.  There have been more than a few ‘ebbs and flows’ for the owners of Trapeze to reach this peak.

Trapeze is not a fly by night club.  This club has been around for 25 years.  For those who do not know the history of Trapeze, this is a club that has overcome some tremendous hardships along the way.  Two of the more notable obstacles are the fire that burnt down one establishment followed by a raid from the police in the second club.  When the patrons inside the club were corralled and arrested, the owner not only bailed the customers out of jail but went to the supreme court to fight for the right for adults to swing.  They won!

Winning this case, which garnered a tremendous amount of media attention, caused the club to explode in popularity.  Curiosity seekers and those too afraid to risk arrest in the past came out in droves.  This was the beginning of tremendous growth for the club.  Customers admired the owners for fighting for their rights to swing legally and Trapeze became the go-to swing club overnight.  

One of the two owners of this popular establishment is “Big Alan”.  His name comes in contrast to one of the long time managers, “Little Allen.”  Many people who frequent Trapeze in Florida, mistakenly believe Little Allen to be the owner due to his high visibility.  Big Alan, on the other hand, prefers to run his club without being directly involved with the customers. The other owner runs the Atlanta club in much the same way. This might be one of the factors that contribute to their huge success. 

Trapeze has two clubs:  one located in South Florida, the other is in Atlanta, Georgia.  The club we will discuss today is the club located in Florida.  

Trapeze is a 10,000 square foot club located in Tamarac, Florida.  Tamarac is a part of Fort Lauderdale and is easy to get to via I 95 and the Florida Turnpike.  As you pull into the parking lot and approach the entrance to the club, you know simply by the line up of exotic cars, that you have found the club.

Friendly faces working behind the counter are eager to greet customers as they enter the club.  They help with sign-in and answer questions regarding how the club works. For those who are new to the club, there is a  hostess available to give a tour.   Everyone who enters must take out a membership and this includes showing your driver’s license.  It is comforting in this day and age to know there are no strangers amongst us. 

Trapeze is a BYOB club.  Each bottle gets a number and each customer gets a wrist band with the matching number for the bartenders to check.  Additionally, the wrist bands for couples and single men differ in color.  This allows customers to recognize a single man from the onset and also aids the bouncers in directing them to the single side (only) in the play area.

One of the most notable differences about this club is the sense of warmth you get when you enter.  The decor is warm and inviting, and It seems one of the main objectives behind the style of this club is comfort.  With deep seating leather couches and high top stools surrounding the dance floor, finding a seat is rarely a concern.  Couples sitting on the couches are always happy to let one or two more squeeze in.  That is, after all, why people are here.

When entering a club like Trapeze, it is easy to understand why people leave their inhibitions at the door.  The atmosphere is liberating and easy.  People are smiling, friendly and carefree as they move about greeting both the staff and each other.  Over the years, Trapeze has become a kind of “Cheers” for the regulars yet regulars are always excited to meet and embrace new couples as well.

The crowd encompasses a vast range of styles and ages.  The different styles are evident at first glance:  provocative, demure, sophisticated, casual and on occasion,  just plain naked.  You will see everything from school girl costumes, fetish attire, lingerie, and even an occasional long dress or suit.  Although there are couples as young as 20-year-olds, the majority of people are in their mid-30s to around 65.  

There are two large bars in the front of the club and one in the back room.   The bars are staffed with friendly bartenders who are quick to deliver drinks.   High backed leather bar stools surround both bars as well as the high tops in close proximity.  There is a dining room which adds a particularly nice touch to this club.  It encourages couples to sit together and this makes it easy to meet and mingle with others early in the night and then again at breakfast.

One of the things that set this club apart is its food.  They offer a full, high-quality hot buffet meal for both dinner and breakfast.  There are many different items to choose from including your choice of 3 entrees including one from the cutting board.  There are side dishes to choose from, a full salad bar, bread, desserts, coffee, etc.  One thing I can attest to about the food is that it is delicious.  It is cooked on premise by a chef who has been with the club for many years.  Breakfast is so popular that the line can get very long but does move quickly.  It is well worth the wait!  You have many choices, including an omelet station.  

Trapeze has a very large dance floor and a DJ who sits high above, watching the customers.  Both DJs take requests and work hard to keep as many customers happy as possible.  Playing music that appeals to so many different types of people and ages can be very tricky.  That being said, it is very rare to see the dance floor slow down. 

Trapeze is open Wednesday night through Sunday night.  Most nights, the club sees about 200- 250 people.  Single men are allowed every night except Saturday.  Single females are welcome on any night.  Saturday nights are always very busy and usually have between 250 and 350 people.  Special holidays and event nights can see crowds as large as 600 or more.

Trapeze is truly an international club.  On any night, you can meet people from many places around the world.  It is not uncommon to hear people speaking a variety of languages. We have met people who actually bought second homes in South Florida so that they could come to the club on a more regular basis.  It also has a consistent group of local patrons who can be found in the club for up to 3 or 4 nights per week.

The crowd is friendly and eager to party on any night at Trapeze.  I have heard many people describe how each night at Trapeze like New Year’s Eve.  People are there to party and have a good time.  The way the club is designed makes it easy to meet other people.  From the many leather couches to the stools surrounding the dance floor everyone can find a place to sit and mingle.  

People go to swing clubs to meet other people and Trapeze is no exception.  If you are looking to meet other swingers, this is the place to be.  With so many people to choose from, you are bound to make a connection.

The entrance fee covers all costs for the entire evening.   Although tipping is encouraged, the entrance fee includes the food, a locker, and towels for the back room.

Later in the evening, the crowd generally finds its way to the back room.  Customers are each assigned a locker and given a towel so they may enter.  Upon entering the back room, the single men are required to stay on the left side while couples can choose either side.  The back room is lined with long couches and many connected mattresses for couples to play.   For those who prefer privacy, there are hidden corners and private rooms.

The back room is always bustling with couples and singles looking to play.  Security is always on hand in the back to make sure there are no issues.  There is a full-service bar complete with a bartender for those who wish to continue drinking while in the play area.

The area itself is quite large yet the atmosphere is playful and sensuous.  Couples casually talk or play while seated on plush couches or laying on vinyl mattresses.  Large screen TVs show erotic movies and the low lighting helps the mood.  There is a bar in the backroom and some couples prefer to mingle around the bar.

The club is clean and well-staffed.  The customers are courteous and friendly.  It’s no wonder this club has the reputation that it has.  There is nothing missing from this swing club and if you are looking to meet others in the lifestyle, this is the place to be!  For the price, you certainly get something in return!  Between dinner, dancing, socializing, a place to play in the back, shower and then have breakfast, it’s the best deal in town!

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