Think lifestyle cruises are only for swingers? Think again…

Lifestyle couple wearing Partners ID jewelry


Lifestyle cruises are great!  Sailing out on the big beautiful sea, visiting exotic destinations and best of all, meeting a lot of new people.  

One of the things that many swingers do not realize is that nudists also enjoy lifestyle cruises.  Beautiful ships, great food and entertainment, no kids and the chance to be naked.   Lifestyle vacations are the only kind that offers these opportunities, so it is only natural that nudists would also seek them out.

Many swingers have the mistaken belief that lifestyle cruises are only for swingers.  If you look at their advertisements you would realize this is not the case.  Take Bliss Cruise* for example: 

Experience the World’s Only

Lifestyle Cruise

An adults-only, clothing optional cruise experience for carefree couples looking for fun and exciting adult vacations

Clearly, they are looking for adults who enjoy clothing optional vacations.  They never mention swingers or nudists, which leaves it open to anyone.

This is where the confusion starts; how to tell the difference between a nudist and a swinger.  Short of coming right out and asking, you can never really be sure.  The problem with this is that swingers want to meet other swingers, and nudists have no interest in swingers.  This is not to mention the couples who stumble upon the adult only theme, which appeals to them strictly because there are no kids.

This is the reason we created lifestyle jewelry.  Imagine simply slipping on a piece of jewelry and others would know right away that you, too, are in the lifestyle.  If every swinger on the cruise was wearing this jewelry, it would make things so easy.  No more wasting time trying to figure out who is a swinger and who is not.

When you stop in a port, and everyone goes their separate ways, it is impossible to know who was on the ship. If everyone was wearing this jewelry, it would be very easy to spot them.   It is nice to be able to know who is a part of your group when you are visiting a destination.

Our lifestyle jewelry was designed to help swingers to identify each other without exposing themselves to others.  It is sold all over the world and we get emails
all the time from customers who have found each other because of the jewelry.

Stop wondering, start playing!  Visit our jewelry collection here:

*Bliss Cruise :

Jewelry with a purpose. Why you should wear lifestyle jewelry.

Couple wearing Partners ID jewelry spotting other swingers while shopping.
Couple wearing Partners ID jewelry spotting other swingers while shopping.

 Let’s face it, being a swinger is like belonging to a “secret society”.

We would like to be able to identify the other members of our secret world without exposing ourselves to anyone else.
Partners ID jewelry was designed specifically for this purpose. Imagine being able to identify someone else who is in the lifestyle simply by the jewelry they are wearing. The important part is, nobody else will see it as anything more than a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry.

No more guess work. You can now approach others with confidence whenever you see them wearing this jewelry; at the beach, at a bar, on cruises at resorts, wherever!

Swingers are everywhere and now we are making it simple to find each other.  We have had customers meet other swingers on the train, in an airport, at the museum, in class at school, at work, you name it!  Without the jewelry, they would never have spoken to each other.


Separating nudists from those in the lifestyle has always been a particular challenge. Now, it is very simple.

Every piece of our jewelry sports an elegant, contemporary pendant in gold and silver with the internationally recognized symbol for swingers engraved onto each piece.  They are gender neutral so both men and women can enjoy wearing them.  With so many different styles and designs to choose from there is something for everyone.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, we also custom design pieces to meet your needs and desires!

They are elegant and discreet enough to wear everyday without fear of exposure, or can be worn when you want to be identified by others who are part of this private, special society.
Now when you suspect someone might be a swinger, no more guess work!  Be confident and secure that anyone wearing this pendant is in the lifestyle.

The pendant was designed by swingers, for swinger.  With a focus group from 3 countries collaborating on this, and spending almost a year ironing out the details, the pendant proudly represents what swingers represent.

This jewelry is only available through our website, distributors and in swing clubs around the world.

The jewelry has been sold in over 30 countries around the world.