You’ll never guess who I watched having sex the other night; well, sort of…

Doppelganger having sex with swinger

They say we all have a twin somewhere out there; some use the phrase doppelgänger.   Last night in a swing club, I saw a man who could clearly be a famous man’s doppelgänger.  To see a doppelgänger that looks like George Clooney or Brad Pitt in a swing club would be awesome.  Unfortunately, this was neither.  This man could be Bernie Sanders’ identical twin.  No offense to Bernie, but this is not my dream man to see when I open my eyes because a stranger is touching me.  Nope, not even close…

There is no question, seeing someone who closely resembles a famous person can be exciting. For people who like to fantasize about having sex with someone famous, this can be a pretty close second.  Unfortunately, I’m not convinced that many women are fantasizing about Bernie Sanders.    It has nothing to do with his politics or even his likability, this is purely physical.  As I watched “Bernie” play with his wife, and then with another woman, I couldn’t help but imagine what he was saying to the woman he was on top of.  With his thick New York accent, I imagined him explaining why condoms for all, for free, was a wonderful idea. As a matter of fact, I’m still imagining his conversations:  he loves everything about the lifestyle!  Sharing is what it’s all about!  We all win when we share!

It got me to wondering what it might be like to see other doppelgängers in a swing club.  Surely, if you look that much like someone else, you are aware.  Either because you can see it for yourself, or because others frequently point it out to you.  I tried to imagine how a Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie or Blake Lively look alike might behave in a swing club.  

People who frequent swing clubs have little tolerance for arrogance.  The atmosphere is fun and friendly, and as we have discussed before, people who think they are too attractive for others, are not very successful in the lifestyle.  If, on the other hand, a friendly, hot, famous looking doppelgänger were to meander into a swing club, I imagine they would be quite popular.

This leads me to wonder about the next scenario.  What if your significant other’s twin showed up?  They clarify that they are not related.  Interested?  Maybe interested in playing with the two of them at the same time?  Now we’re talking…

What if your own doppelgänger appeared in a club one night.  How would you feel if your significant other was into her?  Happy that you are obviously his type?  Annoyed by the comparison?  Interested in playing as a threesome with her?

The Bernie Sanders’ doppelgänger is not the first person that I have seen in a swing club who genuinely looks like another famous person.  A few years ago I saw Kelly Conway and once, I saw my own sister.  When I approached her because the resemblance was uncanny, I think she thought I was trying to hit on her.  Probably the first time in my life I felt like a man.  No matter how hard I tried to explain, and even offered to show her a photo, she seemed creeped out.  It still makes me laugh.

Maybe one day I will get to experience the fantasy of having sex with a famous man (or woman) who turns me on.  Like I tell my husband, the more time we spend in the lifestyle, the better the odds.  For now, I have Bernie Sanders on the brain.  It’s hard to shake the image of him having sex in front of me.

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You might be the good looking one, but I’m the one wearing the lifestyle jewelry!

Painter wearing Partners ID lifestyle jewelry

Dear Partners ID,

I am happy to be able to write to you about how your lifestyle jewelry helped me to meet someone.  Those stories always make me smile and I think everyone who wears the jewelry is looking forward to writing one of their own.  Here is mine.

A few years ago I was dating a woman who introduced me to the lifestyle.   We spent several weekends each month attending house parties and hotel takeovers.  When we broke up, the prospect of being that single guy did not excite me and so I now only attend house parties if I am specifically invited.

For the past eleven years, I have been working as a house painter. After graduating from high school, my friend and I opened a business and we have done very well.  We have been friends since we were kids.  He has always been the more outgoing, good looking one, I am the quiet, reserved one.  

The next job on our roster was in a very upscale area.  The house is large and the property is isolated.  The nearest house is probably a quarter of a mile away.  It is surrounded by dense forest and a small lake.

The job was to paint the entire house, inside and out.  The first day we arrived it was raining, so we started with the inside.  We were greeted by the homeowners and their two young children.  The man soon set out for work and took the kids with him.   His wife explained that he always takes the kids to school and she picks them up.

The woman was very friendly and showed us around the house.  We set up our gear and got down to work.  Since we have been working together for so many years, we have a system and we each know what our job entails.  

Luckily the weather cleared up and after completing the inside, we were able to move outside to paint.  After getting set up outside, the woman came out and told us there was something she wanted to be fixed inside the house.  We tried to tell her we would get to it later in the day but she was insistent.  My partner generally paints inside and I usually paint outside but she insisted that she show it to me.

I climbed off my ladder and follow her into the house.  She leads me upstairs and into her bathroom.  Pointing to an area of ceiling that she said was imperfect, I looked up.  Not only was she wearing a robe when I looked up but also her hair was in a ponytail. When I turned back to say I saw no problem, the robe was on the floor and her long was hair was hanging straight.   The woman was wearing only her panties.  This was truly a first for me.  I imagine the shocked look on my face told her I was not expecting this.  She pointed to my ring (your ring) and said she had a few pieces of her own.  

Without hesitating, she picks up her phone and calls her husband.   With her husband on facetime, we proceeded to get down to business.  Needless to say, we had a great time!  I did feel bad that my buddy was working but she said he had been flirting with her since day one and she loved that he didn’t get what he wanted.  Had he been wearing the jewelry, she said she would have asked him to join us. 

This went on every day that we were there. Sometimes inside the house. other times outside.  Needless to say, my partner was suspicious as to why she only wanted me to come inside.   I just shrugged my shoulders and I said I really didn’t know why.  

Needless to say, I love my ring it is magical!   I recommend everyone in the lifestyle wear it as it does exactly what it was intended to do!

Thank you for doing what you do!



Millburn, NJ

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ASN Lifestyle Magazine has arrived and Michael Ramos reigns supreme!

ASN Lifestyle Magazine cover wearing Partners ID jewelry
Michael Ramos, publisher of ASN Lifestyle Magazine


Not a day goes by that we are not contacted via our online chat for lifestyle advice.  Although Partners ID sells lifestyle jewelry, it seems people are hungry for information regarding the lifestyle. At first, our operator explained her purpose, now she simply redirects them to ASN Lifestyle Magazine.

Although shy to admit this, people are hungry for sex.  They want to see it, read about it and mostly, engage in it.  Remember sneaking peeks at Playboy and later at Penthouse magazines? These publications seemed so racy, so edgy!  Now ASN is giving these publications a run for their money!

Although ASN is new to the game, they have been gathering steam at an alarmingly rapid rate.  They are strictly a digital publication, yet have gained an incredible amount of notoriety in a very short period of time. 

Playboy was the first magazine to arrive on the scene in December of 1953.  It was very controversial when it was first published due to the naked centerfolds.  The majority of women featured were famous actresses and models. 

The magazine was a pioneer in its liberal outlook but often included interviews with conservative political and other famous figures.  Men claimed they were mostly interested in this magazine because of the articles.  While the magazine is certainly a worthwhile publication, it seems geared primarily towards men.  The use of models and actresses is strictly to sell the magazine.  They might be picture perfect, but it doesn’t feel as though they are genuinely sexual.  

Penthouse took this type of magazine to the next level.  Rather than concerning themselves with upholding a conservative feel, they pushed the limits and created a soft porn magazine.  Again, this magazine hired models and porn stars to pose in sexually explicit poses.  Over the years, they have become a hard core porn magazine.  Penthouse routinely hires professional writers for article content.  The advertisers are not exclusively involved in the porn industry.

What sets ASN Lifestyle Magazine apart from every other publication is its authenticity.  The photos are not of models and actresses but rather of people who are actually in the lifestyle.  Nobody is simulating anything.  What you see is what it is.  This is the lifestyle.  When you see anything sexual, it is between consenting, loving adults, not paid actors and models.  

The sexual content is natural and beautiful.  It represents the love and eroticism that define the swinger lifestyle.

The blogs and articles are written by people who are in the lifestyle and are speaking from personal experience.  They are offering advice and giving outsiders a peek into what swingers are truly about.  

Both men and women will find things that they identify with between the covers of ASN Lifestyle Magazine.  It is not geared toward a male or female audience.  It is strictly a magazine devoted to those who are interested in a swinger lifestyle.

Even the advertising is geared towards the lifestyle.  You don’t see car ads or advertising for random products.  Everything is designed to attract people who are a part of the lifestyle.

What started out as a good idea has blossomed overnight into something most swingers look forward to every other month.  This magazine is packed with everything a swinger might need.  There are advice columns, etiquette information, vacation ideas, swing club exposés, even lube recommendations.  ASN Lifestyle Magazine includes all aspects of the swinger lifestyle in each publication.  No political commentaries or controversial topics that do not involve the lifestyle.

When was the last time you encountered any magazine that was this laser focused?  

Bottom line, if you are in the lifestyle, or looking to enter the lifestyle, ASN Lifestyle magazine is a must read.  If there is something missing, trust me, the editor would like to know so it can be included in the future.

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