How the official international swinger symbol was created.

Official Internationl Swinger Symbol

Partners ID is proud to report that our swinger symbol is the only official swinger symbol recognized around the world.  We have sold our jewelry in close to 40 countries around the world and we are growing every day!

Why we created a symbol

Prior to entering this business, we did our research.  Did a swinger symbol exist?  If it did, we simply wanted to wear one!  The truth is, it did not.  There was no other symbol in the world that was created to identify swingers.  NASCA had created one in the past but gave us their blessing to create something new.   The closest thing we found was the black ring, but that seemed to be a controversial symbol.  Although swingers tried to designate a specific finger to wear the ring, black rings were readily available so many people wear them who are not swingers.

We did our homework, no symbol existed

After traveling to many different countries, we realized a swinger symbol simply did not exist.  Out of our own personal frustration, we got together with 2 other couples, from other countries, and decided to create a unique swinger symbol. Something that could not be confused or easily guessed by others.

The creation of the actual swinger symbol

This was no small undertaking.   It was important to design something symbolic of the lifestyle.  (Read about the meaning of our pendant here):                                            A symbol that could not simply be googled to discover its meaning, was of utmost importance.  If the design was too basic, anyone who saw the logo would be able to uncover its meaning, and that was something we wanted to avoid.  For us, a swinger symbol needed to be both beautiful, discreet, and private.

The process was a long one

When the swinger symbol design was finalized, we went through the process of mock-ups and had to decide on materials and colors, etc.  Next came the process of trying to figure out how to let people know about this symbol and what it represents.  

Why the name Partners ID?

We chose the name Partners ID to keep it meaningful but professional.  If anyone saw the name on a package, it would not be cause for concern.  We hired someone in the lifestyle to create our social media profiles and write blogs for our website.  Every photo, every design, everything we have done was with swingers in mind.  It is now an honor to receive emails from our customers relating to how they met other swingers because they wore our jewelry.

Including other swingers in the process, was important to us

Your opinions and feedback and are always extremely important to us. Each email and suggestion is taken seriously and discussed at monthly meetings.  We have donated jewelry for countless events and try to be an integral part of the community.  All the while, we continued listening to what those in the lifestyle want for their swinger symbol.  

The black ring with the swinger symbol is our design

When we discovered many swingers loved the black ring, we came up with the idea to put our logo on it to take the guess work out.  Experimenting with tattoos at a takeover proved swingers wanted our logo on a tattoo and so we created those.  Bumper stickers?  We created those as well.  A yard sign?  A beach flag?  All at our customers’ requests. 

There will always be copy cats…

This is what it takes to become the company that created the international symbol for swingers.  There can only be one swinger symbol or the purpose is mute.  Just like any other group, it is important to embrace one symbol and to wear it with pride.  The best part of our swinger symbol is that it is only known to those in the lifestyle.  They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and we will accept the imitators with grace, knowing that they have simply copied both our ideas and products.

Just like swingers wanted the black ring, they want more than jewelry options…

We have expanded our line to include anything you can desire with our swinger symbol on it.  Although we personally sell mostly jewelry, we have partnered with other companies to provide an array of products.  If you are looking for jewelry, our website, our Etsy store, and Amazon carries those items:  

For other items, you can find them here: