Swingers should celebrate the new year by leaving politics behind.

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In prior blogs, I have written about how open-minded and all-inclusive swingers tend to be.  Swingers are generally not judgmental and try to be open to others regardless of their race or religion.  A visit to a swing club or any other lifestyle venue would lead one to believe that the world could learn a lot from people who swing.  It is very common to see interracial couples, lesbian couples, and even the occasional crossdresser or transgender person partying alongside everyone else.

So what is happening?  A quick visit to Facebook shows me that perhaps I was wrong.  Facebook has become a battleground between political parties.  Is politics the great divide?  It is very uncommon to hear swingers discussing politics when they are out partying. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, it just seems a bit rare.  Swingers are out looking to have a good time, not an argument over politics.

The pandemic has created a great divide amongst those in the lifestyle.  There are swingers who are opting to remain at home and ride it out and others who are throwing caution to the wind.  Whichever side you are on, spewing hatred to those with opposing views is not likely to change their behavior.

What makes it so easy to be so hateful on social media?  Is it easier to speak your mind when you are behind a computer screen?  Apparently so, but whatever is fueling the hatred, it is sad to watch.  People unfriending each other, while others threatening harm if they don’t see things their way.  Groups of people ganging up against others to belittle and verbally assault their opinions if they don’t mesh with their own.

What happened to the fun-loving community we were in just a few months ago.  There was talk about politics but it seemed a little more respectful.  Now it is a war zone and I’m not sure where this is heading.  If this were to erupt into a public confrontation (perhaps if couples meet up in a club or resort), I’m quite certain it could have some very serious consequences.

What do we accomplish when we vent our political agenda on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, etc.  Not much more than making friends with those who agree, while making enemies with those who won’t tolerate a difference in opinion.

We must try to remember who we were before this election.  Most of us were friends with common lifestyle choices.  None of us cared what our lifestyle friends did for a living, what color they were, what religion they practiced.  Our only concern was making a connection to have a good time, a fun night, perhaps a life long friend.  We were all on the same side.  Our common goal was protecting and defending a lifestyle that we all partake in.

Politics has no home in the lifestyle.  Religion is not something that we discuss either before or after playing with other couples.  What difference does it make what their views are?  We are there to have a good time; that’s it, that’s all.  If we allow politics and religion into the lifestyle, it will cease to exist as we know it and the safety of everyone at a lifestyle event will come into question.

Just like people who do not accept swingers or swinging, we must accept their views.  We may not agree with them but we know that we might not ever change their minds.  For this reason, many swingers keep silent about their lifestyle choice.  We would all be upset to hear them bashing us for our lifestyle because it would be unfair of them to judge us.  Isn’t that what we stand for?  We are a minority but feel strongly that we are entitled to do as we see fit.  After all, we are not harming anyone.

It is the same for politics.  Everyone has the right to their opinion but they do not have the right to bash others if their views are different.  It doesn’t solve anything but it does create a lot of hatred and division.  Let’s go back to showing the world that swingers are lovers and not haters.  It starts here…

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