How Partners ID new bumper sticker made my day!

Handsome man wearing Partners ID swinger symbol lifestyle jewelry


Hey Partners ID!

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I recently met a beautiful woman because of your bumper sticker.  

My job as an insurance adjuster means I spend a lot of time driving around  Colorado inspecting homes.  The nice thing about my job is that I have met some pretty decent people along the way.  Spending time on the road has its positives.  It allows me time to listen to hot podcasts!

On my schedule last week was a run out to Broomfield, which is a town not far from Golden.  The inspection went smoothly and I left the home.  I walked back to my car.   While I was backing out of the driveway, a woman was standing across the street in front of her mailbox watching me.  When I got onto the street, she motioned for me to open my window.  

The only thing I could think of was that she thought I was someone else.  So I opened the window and she introduced herself.  She asked if I was a friend of her neighbor.  I explained that I was working and that I did not know the people.    Her demeanor changed slightly and she smiled and twirled the end of her hair.   Leaning close to my car she said,  “I see you have a bumper sticker on your car that says you like to have fun.  If you are free right now, so am I.  What do you say?”

It did not take long to pull the car to the curb and hop out.  She giggled and grabbed my hand to lead me inside.  She told me her name is Tuni and that although her husband would be disappointed to miss the show, he was at work.

And so, we spent the next few hours having hot sex all over her house!  What is more, she face-timed with her husband who seemed turned on by the whole situation.  In all honesty, never would I have imagined something like this!  Needless to say, I love your bumper sticker!   With this in mind, had I thought it would be this easy to meet someone,  I would have started wearing your jewelry long ago!

Thank you for this, I will remember that afternoon for the rest of my life.  If I’m really lucky, it will happen again!

A very big fan,

Robert H.

Lakewood, Co.

The journey from unicorn to prostitute; something she never imagined would happen.

Unicorn turned prostitute wearing Partners ID swinger jewelry black ring

A few years ago, you urged me to write about why I had chosen to become a unicorn. It seemed to help people to understand that not every unicorn is in the lifestyle because they want to steal other women’s husbands.

My story today is how I took the leap from reliable second female in the FMF, into paid call girl.

Not long into the COVID crisis, I lost my job.  Having little savings and a steady stream of bills to pay, I began to feel desperate.

I had never thought of charging people money for sex, it actually happened rather organically.  

Swing clubs closed down in March and at first, my lifestyle friends resorted to throwing private parties.  They said they would keep everyone safe by only inviting “close” friends.  For me, this made no sense, and the last thing I needed, was to get sick.  I declined every invitation and was clear in explaining that it felt too risky.  

Those parties came to a screeching halt when sadly, several of the party-goers ended up in the hospital with COVID.  Those who did not feel sick quickly got tested to calm their fears.

Soon after, I began to get calls from couples I knew from the lifestyle.  Each asked casually if I would like to join them one evening for drinks at their home.  I might be single, but I’m not stupid.  When a  swinger couple invites me to their home, I know what they are expecting.

Sitting at home for weeks on end was causing me to suffer from cabin fever! When I accepted the first invitation, it never crossed my mind to ask for payment from them.  I was looking forward to a fun evening!  

The night with this couple was great and I felt relaxed knowing they had been tested after the party incident.  When the evening was over, the husband walked me out to my car.  He stuffed a wad of bills into my hand and thanked me.  I was shocked and said he was crazy, but he explained that he was simply trying to help me.  “We are friends, and I understand your current situation.  You need the money, just take it,” he said.  Thanking him, I kissed him and drove home.

Did this make me a prostitute?  Was I just paid for sex?  In my head, I really felt he was being kind and trying to help me.  It was true, I needed the money and I did take a risk going to their home.

A few days later, another couple called with a similar invitation.  I was less friendly with this couple and I hesitated.  Could I accept the invitation but tell them I would expect to be paid?  After considering how thrilled I was with the money I received last time, it was tempting.

I rehearsed what I would say and finally mustered up the courage to call them back.  Thankfully, the call went to voicemail.  It was a quick explanation of my current financial situation and the risk I was taking. I added that for some financial compensation, I would love to join them.

They did not call me back which made me feel awful.  Not because I cared about them, but I felt awful about myself.  During that first day, I went back and forth about it, but ultimately believed it was my right.  I don’t owe anybody anything and I am allowed to set the terms if people want to use me. 

Guess what?  Two days later, another couple phoned.  Same invitation and had already heard from the second couple.  They were happy to “help me out financially”!  I was thrilled!  This time I didn’t have to ask because they already knew.

And just like that, I had gone from unicorn, fun ‘extra’ female, to paid call girl!  The truth is, I don’t feel bad about it.  I am fulfilling a need for these couples and they are doing something to help me in return.  This is a win-win!

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Swingers finding swingers in New York City.

Swingers posing for the camera wearing Partners ID jewelry

Dear Partners ID,

I love reading about how swingers have met each other wearing your jewelry! Our story isn’t as exotic as some of the others but I hope it is good enough to publish! 

We have been swingers for a long time, over 15 years, and when we heard about your jewelry we were hopeful that it would catch on.  There is no question that swingers need something like this.  We are so tired of trying to meet swingers through dating sites for all of the obvious reasons:  people lie about their age, show old pictures, don’t show up for planned meetings, etc.  

Anyway, we did buy jewelry, crossed our fingers that it would work and we wear it proudly.  Last weekend was our anniversary and my husband planned a romantic getaway for us in New York City.  Fancy hotel, tickets to a show, chic restaurants and even a carriage ride through Central Park.  What could be more exciting!  

We went to see Hamilton (which was as good as we had heard it was) and off to dinner after.  We tried to get a cab after the show but that was impossible.  We ended up walking the whole way back to the upper east side where our restaurant reservation was. (Quite painful in my beautiful new shoes!)  Of course we were very late so they had given our table away. They told us to wait at the bar for one to open up.  

A very nice man offered me his seat at the very crowded bar and I gladly accepted!  My husband in turn bought he and his wife a round of drinks and we chatted with them.  They asked us if we were planning anything after dinner and we were intrigued.  We have been in the lifestyle a long time and had the feeling this was something promising!  We asked what they had in mind and the wife lifted her purse off the bar to show it to me.  OMG!  I couldn’t believe it!  She had a gorgeous bag with your pendant on it!  How clever!  We laughed because my husband and I were both wearing pieces from your collection!

Needless to say, we had dinner with them and then headed back to their hotel room for a night of fun.  They told us they have met many couples because of the jewelry.  I told them they were our first but she did point out that she looks for it.  That is a good point because I had never thought to look.  Now I will!


Cindy and Rob

Charlotte, NC

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It doesn’t get any hotter! A public sexual encounter because of the jewelry!

Sexual couple wearing Partners ID jewelry
Sexual couple wearing Partners ID jewelry




























It was supposed to be an easy, comfortable night. Dinner, movie then get a few drinks before heading home.

It was all so unexpected. I arrived at the movies early with my husband to get good seats. We snacked on some popcorn and licorice and drank bottled water (which we had filed with white wine at home).

We saw people enter the theater and grab seats, sometimes saving one or two for friends or loved ones.

The trailer started and lights went down. We were happy to see the movie would begin soon.

I rested my hand on his leg and he put his hand on top of mine.

Well after the movie began, I leaned into my husband and whispered in his ear that I would be right back, I was going to the restroom.

After I washed my hands and was walking out of the restroom I noticed a good looking man was waiting next to the door. I looked at him because I knew I was alone in the bathroom. I wondered who he could be waiting for.

He saw me looking curiously at him. He lifted his arm to point to his wrist. I looked down and saw he wearing lifestyle jewelry. I smiled because I knew he must have seen mine! I was wearing beautiful earrings which dangled down to my shoulders.

He wanted to know if my husband and I would be willing to meet him and his wife for a drink after the movie. I told him we would (I know my husband very well). He leaned in to kiss my cheek and I turned and opened my mouth to kiss him. It was an unexpected surprise for him and he grabbed my ass and pulled me in to him. Next thing I know we are in a stall and he’s pulling down my panties while kissing me. It was quick and it was hot. I hadn’t had sex like that in a very long time (and yes, we are swingers, this was just so hot).

We decided to meet at a bar across the street after the movie.

I returned to my seat and my husband was caught up in the movie. I decided to wait until after to tell him about my experience.

I told him I had met someone in the restroom and agreed to meet them at the bar after the movie. He was fine with that so we hurried across the street to get out of the cold. We waited for them at the bar and I was happy to see that his wife was someone my husband would find attractive (always makes things easier)! They came over and we introduced ourselves.

Over drinks we told them how we had met at the restroom and had a quickie before heading back into the theater. His wife got very excited just hearing the story and put her hand on my husband’s leg. She told him it would seem only fair if the two of the them went to the restroom in the back and did the same. My husband was on his feet before anyone could respond and off they went.

Needless to say, this was the most incredible experience we have ever had with another couple. It was easy and spontaneous and so hot that we are still talking about it at night in bed!

We have seen them quite a few times and it has been amazing!

This is all thanks to the jewelry because without it, none of us would have known the other was in the lifestyle.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!


Tori and Jonathan