Swinging is not for everyone. Some people need a little push to get started.

Swinging is not something everyone is open to.  Sometimes people need alittle push to get their toes wet in the swinger world. Here is one such story from a customer:

Dear Partners ID,

This is probably a little different from the emails you get from other swingers. I am actually not a swinger (soon to be, as my husband would say).

A few years ago my husband brought up the subject of swinging to me. He was very quiet about it at first but over time he started to push me. I have to be honest; I had zero interest in the whole idea. We have two young children and they are my priority. Most weekend night I am happy to stay home and watch a movie with my kids. My husband, is exactly the opposite. He would go out 7 nights a week if I agreed.

Anyway, after he started to push me towards experimenting with swinging and I was very confused by the whole idea. I felt inadequate, like I was not enough for him and he was looking for something else. He tried on several occasions to take me to a swing club but I was not open to the whole idea.

For Christmas he bought me a beautiful necklace with an interesting pendant. I put it on and thought nothing of it. I proudly showed it off to my parents and friends and everyone loved it.

One night we went out for dinner and when we were having dessert, a couple approached us at our table. I looked at my husband to see if he knew them but I could tell from his expression that he did not. The woman pointed to my necklace and showed me that she had a bracelet with the same pendant. I laughed at the coincidence but had no idea that it meant something! They asked if they could join us and as they were so friendly, we agreed. We actually had a wonderful time talking and laughing with them. After we were finished, we exchanged phone numbers and said we would get together soon.

On the ride home I was telling my husband how nice it was to meet a couple as nice as they were. It was then that he told me about the jewelry. At first I was upset that he let me walk around with it not even knowing what it meant. Then I realized that it helped us to meet a couple who seemed so normal.

They sent us a text the next morning and asked us if we wanted to meet them for dinner during the week. I hesitated because I wasn’t sure what they would be expecting. I decided to call her and tell her the truth. She couldn’t have been nicer! She said no problem, dinner was all they were expecting.

We met them for dinner and had a wonderful time. I loved how easy they were to talk to. I felt like we could talk about anything, which is not the case with our other friends. They told us stories about swinging that made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurt.

After dinner when we were leaving, she pulled me aside and told me that if I was ever interested in exploring playing with either a girl or a guy, we should call them. She said they would be happy to make it a comfortable experience with no strings attached. If I felt ok with it we could try, if not, that would be ok as well.

She kissed me goodbye on the lips and I was shocked and a little turned on all at the same time. In the car on the way home by husband was all smiles. I had to agree that the thought of kissing her again was on my mind.

We have plans to go to their house tonight. I don’t know what will happen, but I wanted to let you know that if I hadn’t been wearing the necklace, this would never have happened. I am still wearing it so maybe I am ready to try swinging!