Swingers heading out for the high seas; why lifestyle cruises are so amazing.

As most swingers probably already know, the Bliss Cuise Summit is getting ready to set sail with 1025 sexy couples already signed up and ready to go!
It seems whenever a lifestyle cruise is getting ready to set sail, swingers cannot contain their excitement.  Rather than keeping all the fun for themselves, they spend the months leading up to the cruise trying to entice as many swingers as possible to join in the fun.  They recruit other swingers to collaborate their stories of endless partying for one week or 10 days while cruising to exotic islands.  (This cruise is even more enticing for those who prefer a shorter vacation as this cruise is only 5 days long.)  They talk about sleeping in after long nights of partying.  Tell of days filled with sun, fun and naked bodies, ready to swing at a moments notice.  They describe in detail playing in the many erotic playrooms on board.  It really does sound hard to resist!
One of the more interesting things about lifestyle cruises that couples point out is that everyone is there to meet other couples.  Having cruised before, that is honestly not something I have ever experienced on a regular cruise.  Although you are seated with other couples for dinner and they are cordial, most people are not there to make friends, but rather to enjoy the company of the people they are vacationing with.  It is completely the opposite on a lifestyle cruise.  Before you even board the boat, you have either met couples in the hotel the night before departure, at a party the night before or while online to board the boat.  Everyone introduces themselves and their friends to all the people they come into contact with. When on board it is impossible not to meet people everywhere you go.  That is what is so wonderful about swingers; they are friendly and looking to meet others; the bigger the circle of swingers, the better.
Swingers seem to really try to make the most of their free time.  It is not uncommon  for cruises to arrange parties the night before they set sail.  Most couples are traveling in from around the world and stay at a designated hotel the night prior to cruising.  There is always a party either at the hotel or a local swing club and it draws a lot of people.  The same happens at the end of the cruise.  You would think after seven to ten days of nonstop partying, people would be exhausted and ready to head home.  Not swingers!  You will usually find the majority of them back in the swing club they visited before the cruise, for a last night of fun before heading back home.
If you ask couples heading out on a cruise what ports they will stop in, the answer is always the same:  Who cares?  We rarely get off the ship, we are only here for the fun on the boat!  Ask them about the rooms and the food and the answer is the same:  Who cares, we are only here for the parties!  The difference with this cruise is the tempting ports in Mexico and the exciting adventures they have planned on shore!
As you can see, swingers in general, are very friendly, open people.  The only time this might be a small issue is when you realize that the boat, although they call it a takeover, is truly a clothing optional cruise.  That means the cruise will attract both swingers and nudists.  Nudists are not swingers, but swingers can be nudists, and in a setting such as this, chances are, everyone will be nude.   This is where lifestyle jewelry is so helpful.  If swingers wear lifetsyle jewelry there is no guess work.  You see someone wearing it and you know the person is a swinger!  You don’t have to waste time trying to figure out who the players are!
It sounds like the perfect way to enjoy a week!  Out on the ocean relaxing when you want, and partying all day and night if you choose.  So many people to meet and have fun with!  What could be better!  If you go, make room for new contacts in your phone, you will make so many new friends!
Bon Voyage!