Why swingers must be quick on their feet if they want to avoid being caught!

Woman in the lifestyle sneaking in with a black Partners ID lifestyle ring

You think being in the lifestyle is easy?  Think again…

Most people take for granted how easy their lives can be.  I don’t mean for the big things, I mean for small, everyday things.  Things that people usually don’t even think about.  That is until they have secrets.  Big secrets; secrets that they hold near and dear.  Secrets that could potentially ruin their otherwise peaceful lives.  

So what exactly is so complicated about being a swinger?  How about getting dressed to go to a swing club or a house party or any lifestyle event for that matter.  In the past several years, we have had a flat tire, gotten a phone call from a child who had been in a car accident and had a situation at home that required us to return before ever making it to the event.  

What’s the big deal, right?  Happens to everyone.  Yes, except everyone is not dressed like a prostitute.  I was.  So now, unlike most people, I must remember to stock my car with a set of vanilla clothing, just in case.

My daughter was married recently and some of my closest friends are in the lifestyle.  As the wedding was small, I was forced to sit my vanilla friends with my lifestyle friends.  We actually had to rehearse all together, how I know my lifestyle friends.  When we met, how we met, how often we see each other, etc.  Do you think that went smoothly after a few drinks?  I happened to walk over and hear one lifestyle couple telling my vanilla friend what the other couple had planned to say.  Not easy…

Even the bride wanted to know why I was inviting two couples she had never met.  “How friendly could you possibly be with these people if I’ve never even met them,” she complained.  Well, let’s see…I’ve had sex with both of them, shared my sex toys and lingerie with both women, and other things I won’t mention.  Yup, I think I know them more intimately than I know most people!

Another thing to consider about being in the lifestyle is telling your children where you are going and with whom.  Faced with the questions before leaving our house, we often discuss this ahead of time to make sure we have matching responses.  I have noticed that children learn the “divide and conquer” method early in their development.  

It gets more complicated when we roll in after 2 or 3 in the morning and areconfronted as we walk through the door.  Don’t they sleep??  These are things to be rehearsed on the car ride home.  It is also important to make sure your hair is combed and your shirt is buttoned properly.  Many of us have been called out for returning home in an abnormally disheveled condition.

As you can see, simple, everyday things can become so much more complicated when you are in the lifestyle.  We will continue to look forward to the day when we can live judgment free!  Thinking of everything that can go wrong and expose us is exhausting!

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