About Us & Our Mission

Partners ID LLC is a company which is dedicated to making the lifestyle more connected than ever. The company is owned by a couple who have been swingers for many years. We have designed a beautiful but affordable bracelet and necklace, engraved with the  international symbol for swingers onto the charms. Our goal is to enable people in the lifestyle to identify others in the lifestyle easily but discreetly.

Having traveled frequently both with lifestyle groups and alone, we discovered long ago how difficult and uncomfortable it can be to try to distinguish who is a swinger and who is not. Between meet and greets in public bars, hotels and on beaches, it is difficult and uncomfortable to approach people when you are not certain they are even with the group. Often lifestyle resorts and cruises attract both nudists and swingers. In our experience, and generally speaking, a nudist is not a swinger. Imagine how nice it would be to know simply by spotting the jewelry who is in the lifestyle!

The jewelry is contemporary and elegant and will be seen by outsiders as nothing more than a beautiful necklace and bracelet. The logo is engraved onto both pieces and is easily recognizable to those in the lifestyle. The pieces are gender neutral so men and women can both enjoy wearing them. The necklace is a beautifully designed gold and silver pendant which contains the logo subtly engraved in black, onto the face of the charm. It hangs on your choice of a genuine high quality black leather cord, stainless steel or gold rope chain. The bracelet sports the pendant attached by a suede like cord in your choice of three colors: black, white or beige.

Join the ten of thousands of people who are already wearing the jewelry in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe!

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