Why does the word masturbation make people blush?


Masturbation has always been the kind of topic that causes people to blush and look down.  It seems that regardless of how much we evolve, even when it comes to speaking candidly about sex, masturbation remains taboo.

The subject of masturbation came to me (no pun intended)  when I was flipping through a magazine while waiting at my lawyer’s office.   It is always humorous when you come across racy magazine articles in such a stuffy environment.  As soon as the word masturbation is staring you in the face as the title of the article, you blush and flip the page.  Did anyone see it?  You look around casually and when you are certain no one is paying any attention to you, you nonchalantly turn back to that page.

The article appeared in an old Cosmopolitan magazine circa 2015,  It did not escape me that this magazine remained in this very conservative environment, while all of the other publications were current and more Town and Country in nature.  Perhaps someone left it behind?  In any event, once I began to read it, my only hope was that my lawyer would now run late enough to let me finish the article.

Just to wrap up that thought, of course, he did not.  I considered trying to swipe it on my way out of the office but there were too many people in the waiting room.  Besides which, there was an older woman reading it when I was leaving.  Luckily, this particular article can still be found online:


When I did find this online, I discovered the topic was such a good one that they decided to go with a how to article in August of 2016:


What struck me while reading this, was that in the latest article, this woman is actually instructing women on how to play with themselves.  Really?!  Do people need a manual for this?  This is a little hard for me to understand.  There are some things that humans do naturally, and I truly believe that this is one of them.  After all, no one could possibly be more in tune with your body than yourself, right?  When you touch yourself, you know what feels good and what does not.  The best part is, you don’t have to be too shy to tell yourself what you like.

In the first article, which is telling you things about masturbation that nobody has ever told you before, the author lets us in on a little secret:  2. It’s not some weird thing that only creepy perverts do in alleys while wearing dirty nightgowns.  Wow!  Thankfully she cleared this up because I imagine that is truly what people think. Really?  I had to laugh out loud over this because I never had that image!   The image that was planted in my mind was teenage boys in their bedrooms reading Penthouse or flipping through Playboy magazine with their bedroom door locked and kleenex box close by.  Although today, it’s probably more like teenage boys watching porn on the internet or having virtual sex.

It is very hard to believe that some people have never masturbated in their lives.  From what I have read, when some people grow up in a very religious household, it is drilled into their minds that this is a sin.  I can remember as a child hearing that some people believed that if they touched themselves they would go blind or grow warts on the palms of their hands.  I imagine when they discover this is not true, they make up for lost time and masturbate more than others.

The question is why are adults so freaked out when they see their child touch their genitals?  We don’t react when the child rubs their eyes or ears.  It is very confusing for small children to understand the difference, because to them, they are simply touching a part of their own body, so what is the difference?  This particular part also feels better when touched than an eye or ear.  How adults respond to this will shape the future of how this child feels towards touching their own bodies.

Do people who have all the sex they need to be happy still masturbate?  Let’s face it, most swingers have a lot of sex; both with their partners and with others.  Do they still feel the need to masturbate?  While there is no universal study done to answer this question, from those I did ask, the answer was yes.  Why?  Because there are times they feel the urge and nobody is around to play with!   Or, sometimes they just feel like it.

There are many times in the backroom of a swing club I have seen both men and women playing with themselves.  No question, nine times out of ten it is a man, but never the less, it happens even there.  The best part is, seeing how free people can feel to do what comes naturally without concern of judgement.

The bottom line is, if humans are not supposed to play with themselves, why did our creator make it feel so good?