Why Lifestyle Jewelry?

Swingers wearing Partners ID jewelry at a lifestyle resort

How many times have you wished you could be certain that someone was a swinger without actually having to ask them?

It is not uncommon for your lifestyle friends to throw a party, only for you to arrive and  wonder if all of their guests are swingers.  You really can not ask them. We have all been to a nude beach, a lifestyle resort,  a lifestyle cruise, even a nightclub or swing club where we know some people are swingers, but which ones?

Have you ever simply met someone or are friendly with someone and you suspect they might be a swinger?  It is not a question you can ask, so how can you be sure?

If only there was an easy way to identify a swinger without having to ask them or to reveal yourself to others…


It is a swinger’s ID jewelry.    These  custom pieces all sport  the international symbol which identifies you to others as a swinger.  It is designed to be attractive, but not obvious to those we do not wish to share our “secret” with.  The intricate design makes it impossible for others to simply “google” to discover the meaning.

The jewelry is the only lifestyle jewelry recognized around the world.  We have sold our jewelry in over 30 countries and always to customers who understand the meaning.  When you see someone wearing our pendant, you can approach them with 100% confidence.  No more guessing!

We have added custom charms as an option.  The charms are sold in conjunction with the pendant to further identify your swinging preference.  Are you a bull or queen of spade?  Add the charm to let others know!

If you do not see what you like, send us an email and we will custom design anything!

Stop wondering, start playing…

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