Lifestyle flags; what are they for?

Lifestyle Flags; what are they for?

Lifestyle flags have a definite purpose for swingers.  It seems that swingers are always looking for each other but would prefer to be discreet about identifying themselves. For this reason, the lifestyle jewelry is perfect. Wear the necklace or the bracelet, and nobody knows what it is if they are not in the lifestyle.

What about the times you are trying to call attention to yourself?  That is the purpose purpose of the lifestyle flags. The original concept was for beach goers. Whether in Fort Lauderdale at the nude beach (Haulover), at Hedonism in Jamaica, Desire in Mexico, in Tampa at Caliente or Paradise Lakes, in Cap D’agde in France, or any other swinger/nudist beach, the flag comes in very handy.  It has openings on each side for a pole so that remains open even when there is no wind.

We were at the beach recently (we live in Florida) and had our flag standing in the sand beside us. Within ten minutes of arriving on the beach, couples came over to talk to us. Some asked what the flag meant, others knew and wanted to say hi. Either way, we met a lot of people on the beach that day simply because  people saw the flag.

The neon color makes it very easy to spot. The picture of the bracelet with the logo, makes it apparent to swingers that we are there to meet other swingers. The best part is, it is very easy to see from quite a distance.  If people are not close enough to see our jewelry, they can easily see our flag.

Lifestyle Flag
Lifestyle Flag

Friends took the lifestyle flag on a lifestyle cruise recently and taped it to their cabin door. They were shocked at how many people came and knocked on their door to say hi. A lifestyle cruise (or resort) means there are both swingers and nudists present. The flag helps identify you to other swingers.

Another couple used their flag when meeting a group of swingers in the lobby of a hotel for a meet and greet. It was easy to spot, and nobody had to be afraid to approach them.   The flag made it obvious to others that they were approaching the right group of people without having to ask.

We have another friend who owns a boat.  They like to try to meet up with others in the lifestyle to dock and enjoy an afternoon. Sometimes outsiders drift over to try to join the fun but  without any kind of sign, nobody is sure if they are in the lifestyle and nobody ever wants to ask. They took some  lifestyle flags and started giving them out to swingers with boats. This way, they would be able to spot each other out on the water. It worked!  It eliminated the guess work.  They see the  lifestyle flag and they know who they can approach.

There are many reasons why the lifestyle flag is helpful. They are very durable and easy to use.

What will you use yours for?