Is Facebook the new morality police? Apparently, swinging goes against their standards.

Shocked couple checking Facebook
Shocked couple checking Facebook

I try never to mix sex with politics. Actually, I try never to mix anything with politics, I’ve learned it doesn’t play well with others (unless people share your views).

I was informed by Facebook that my postings don’t meet their standards and so therefore we are banned from posting. First it was 3 days, then 7 days and now 30 days. They told me our posts contain content that they do not feel meets their standards. It never told me which posts were offensive so it was left to me to try to figure this out. Obviously, we don’t share the same “standards” as I never removed all that were of concern, and if at the end of 30 days they still don’t like my posts, we will be banned for life.

Since when did Facebook become the morality police? How is it possible for a company who is not paying taxes to claim some high moral ground?

Hmm… Banned for life, that sounds serious. It also made me sad. Not because I care about Facebook but because they see sex and love as “dirty” and “inappropriate”. It didn’t seem to bother them when Kathy Griffin’s image of our president’s head on fire appeared on everyone’s page (again, not saying I cared, just pointing it out). It was ok to rehash the comments from the state of Maine’s candidate, who called a Parkland student a ‘skinhead lesbian’. I have seen videos showing live shootings of both men and animals and various other things that I personally felt did not meet my standards.

So this is the current state of being in our country. Facebook has deemed pictures that are seductive or provocative in nature as unsuitable for people over the age of 18 to view, and must take drastic measures to protect people from these images. It makes me sad. Partners ID is not about porn, it doesn’t condone cheating, or hatred or anything negative whatsoever. I did happen to notice that they don’t have any issue with Ashley Madison (you know, the company that encourages married people to find others to have affairs with). So Facebook feels that cheating meets their standards?

The sad part is that they are not the only ones who feel that cheating is better than swinging. Over the years I have known many (too many) people who have cheated on their spouse. The initial reaction within the group of friends closest to the couple was always shock. After the initial shock wore off, nobody cared. The couples that stayed together were still part of the group: invited to parties and dinners and other events. How many people can say the same about their friends when they discovered you are swingers? Most people never reveal to their close friends that they swing because they know they will not be accepted.

It appears Facebook is not the only one passing judgement. How many law makers would sit idly by if the news about Trump was not about an affair he had or lewd comments he made, but rather information showing that he is a swinger?

Where is the disconnect? When a married couple decides to embark on something as a couple, where is the problem? I understand that swinging is not for everyone. Swinging is not a cult, swingers are not out there trying to recruit people so what are people so afraid of? They are also known for their open minded ways. Swinging is inclusive and non-discriminatory, which is more than I can say for most people, clubs and organizations.

As you can see, I honestly don’t believe Facebook is as concerned with the provocative photos as much as it is with the message. I know this because this is not the first time we have run into this problem. The first page they banned had no photos and there was a problem. Do they also have an issue with the LGBTQ community?

Where does this bias against swingers come from? Religion? After everything we have learned about religious leaders in the past 10 years, I hardly think they should be concerned with what committed couples are doing together behind closed doors. Especially since what swingers are doing is strictly between consenting adults.

It is so hard to believe that in the year 2018, sex is still a dirty word.  Images that are seductive and imply sex are more than adults can stand to see. They need companies like Facebook to shield them from the harsh realities of adult life. Images or supporters of child abuse, rape, and the sex trade should be banned. These are crimes and should never be seen as anything else. Swinging is something that loving couples enter into to enhance their relationships. It gives them freedom and keeps them from cheating.

When are people going to wake up and stop passing judgement, especially on something that is a choice?   Personally, I think it’s time.


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