This is an actual email we received from a customer who wears our jewelry.

countrycouple      Hello Partners ID!

My husband and I wanted to touch base with you to thank you for developing this jewelry.  It has had a huge impact on our lives and I will tell you how.

We both grew up in a very small town in a very rural area.  I’ve know John since I was in the third grade and we grew up being boyfriend and girlfriend.  We went to prom together and everything.  When we turned 17 we got married because I was pregnant.  Having lived in the same area our whole lives we never had to go out and meet people because they was the same people we knew from grade school.  We did get into swinging a few years ago with some friends and we loved it right from the start.  John lost his job last year because the factory shut down so we had to move a few states away.  Our group where we were living had bought jewelry for all the girls so we had kind of our own type club.

I been wearing the necklace everyday since I got it and nobody ever asked me what it was.  I got some compliments on it but thats all.  When we moved we had to go to open school night for our son.  We had been living here for a few months and hadn’t met anybody since we got here.  We sat down in this big auditorium for the presentation and the woman sitting next to me looks at my necklace and tells me she got the same one.  Right there we all knew!  We have been friends with them ever since and have gone out many times.  Without that necklace we never would of met them!  They took us to their party and now we have many friends in the lifestyle!

We are so grateful because without the necklace we would still be lonely!  Our group wants to buy the jewelry for all the ladies like we  did before.  This is the best idea ever and we wanted to thank you for helping make swingers easier to find!

God Bless!

Jenny and John

(used with permission)