Couple wearing Partners ID Lifestyle Jewelry

How the lifestyle helped this couple rekindle their sexual relationship!

Dear Partners ID,

My story is a bit different from most I have read on your website but hopefully, you will appreciate it.  

My husband and I have been married for 30 years.  We raised our children and did all the things married people with families tend to do.  Now that our children are older and have their own lives, we realized our marriage was dull and boring.  

Neither of us had much interest in sex anymore and had even started to sleep in separate bedrooms.  Our marriage had become nothing more than a couple of roommates living together.  

One evening I was looking for something new and exciting to watch and stumbled upon a news story about swinging.  I noticed that not all of the couples were young but they all seemed to be having an incredible time.  I ran into my husband’s bedroom and flipped to the channel I was watching.  We watched in silence and when it was over, he looked at me and said, “Hmm, interesting.” 

We started to talk about how wild and free we were before having children and how much fun life had been back then.  One thing led to another and we actually had sex for the first time in years.  It was great, just like it had been in the past.  This woke us both up to the realization that we were wasting our time waiting to get older.  

My husband took the initiative and booked us on a trip to Desire in Mexico and off we went!  We did not do much more than observe and fool around together but the spark was lit!  Fast forward 4 years and we are heavy into the lifestyle!  We go to all the big events and have made amazing friends.  It is amazing how we have totally turned our lives around and have fallen back in love with each other and our exciting lives together! 

My husband and I discovered your lifestyle jewelry on a trip to Cap D’Agde in France and we both wear it all the time.  We sat with a group of people at the hotel pool one day and they were all wearing it.  Clever way to find other swingers!

I did meet a woman in Starbucks near my home one time who showed me her lifestyle bracelet and we became instant friends. She even bought my husband one of your wallets for his birthday.   Magical jewelry, magical lifestyle!

Hopefully,  our story will make others realize that the lifestyle can be such a wonderful way to spark up your marriage!  It certainly did for us!

We know you are based in Florida and are hoping to maybe meet you when we are there over the holidays!


Leslie and Ron

Philadelphia, PA

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Jealousy in the lifestyle; keeping it in check.

unhappy-woman-looking-at-a-couple-flirting-near-bar-counter     Many people like to pretend jealousy does not exist in the lifestyle, but if we are honest, it can be a huge problem.  Jealousy can make it almost impossible for couples to remain in the lifestyle for the long haul.  Let’s face it, watching your significant other flirting, dancing and then perhaps having sex with someone else is a very special situation for anyone.  Why are some couples so fine with this while others cannot get through the evening without an argument?
After witnessing some pretty spectacular fights in the parking lot outside of swing clubs and in driveways of private homes, I became intrigued as to what makes it possible for some couples and impossible for others to take the lifestyle in stride.  When you observe couples who have been regulars in the lifestyle for many years there is a distinct difference between them and the couples who come and go.  At first, I thought it was the couples who have been married for many years and both were happy for the opportunity to play with someone new.  Perhaps for some, this is true but this is not really the case for most.
Couples who are happy in the lifestyle seem to have a very healthy relationship with each other first.  They stay together at house parties or swing clubs and move about as a couple.  When you observe them, most seem to enjoy each other’s company.  The eat together, they dance together and they talk to each other.  When there is another couple around them, they include each other in the conversation.  They look at each other and seemingly gauge if the other is happy.  But what happens when couples are not connected?  What happens when one part of a couple is not tuned into their significant other?  Chaos!
Some couples you see are not actually couples at all.  Some people are together at lifestyle events simply to have a partner to allow them access to clubs or parties.  These are not the “couples” I am referring to.
The problem with disconnected couples is that it can create challenging and uncomfortable situations for the couples they engage with.  When you enter the playroom with your significant other you should both be aware of what works for you as a couple.  If you choose to approach another couple it should be with clear intentions.   It is very difficult when a couple approaches you to play and you open yourselves up to them only to find out that one of the them is not really willing to play.  How exactly does this work?  We have found ourselves in situations where a couple approaches us and the man is actively pursuing me while the woman remains focused on her husband.  We have also had the same with women who are all over my partner while the man makes no attempt to be involved.  If couples are looking for a third person they should be clear with each other and seek that out.  There are couples who like to play woman to woman while the men watch but people should never assume every couple is open to that scenario.  We have observed this scenario many times and it can create problems for everyone.  The couple who was approached can find themselves fighting over how they could have handled things differently yet they were not the instigators of the problem.  It is always a good idea to have frank discussions about how a situation like this should be handled in the future.
Sometimes we see couples arrive in the back room and the man or woman needs a tremendous amount of attention.  In search of this they leave their partner out while they try to join other couples.  The remaining part of the couple looks around trying to figure out what they should do.  Follow along and hope to be included?  Look for other couples who might be open to him?  Sit by himself and wait for her to come looking for him?  Regardless of which avenue he takes, chances are he will not be happy about what happened.  Mix that with a night of drinking and it does not take much to see how this could escalate into a problem.  If this is their first night in the lifestyle it should be easy to fix with a little conversation about the next time.  If this is ongoing and they have already discussed it there could be a problem.
Jealousy generally is a problem when one partner does not give much thought to the other partner’s feelings.  It might not be a bad idea for couples to always try to consider how they would feel if the situation were reversed.  If you do try to consider your significant other and still always leave in a fight or with one person upset, perhaps the lifestyle is not meant for you.  It is always important to discuss what the problem might be.  Perhaps one part of the couple really does not want to be in the lifestyle and doesn’t know how to say so.
Whatever the problem is, it is never a good idea to have a fight or argument in public.  Best to show some restraint and work it out when you are on your way home, alone.  There is nothing worse than watching couples fighting in the lifestyle.  (I say in the lifestyle because I cannot remember ever witnessing a couple fight in a restaurant or any place else when I was not in the lifestyle.)   Communicate with your partner before you find yourself in these situations so you are both on the same page.  It will eliminate a lot of problems you might be faced with when you swing.