Forum posts on Swinger dating sites; please people, tell us what you really think!!

shockedgirls3     Swinger dating sites are a great thing.  They help us to find other swingers in our areas or those who are local to where we travel.  They offer advice boards, swinger resort information, swing clubs, lifestyle clothing and jewelry, instant messaging and of course, forums.

I am thinking that every time I am at a loss to find a topic to write about I should click open a swinger dating site because I have discovered that these are a writer’s dream! No embellishments needed! Tell us what you really think people!

It would not surprise me at all to find people this candid if I were reading anonymous forum posts on some random websites. However, when you log onto a swinger’s dating site, you leave your member name every time you write a blog, write an email or post on the forum. Perhaps some people think they are anonymous, or maybe they just don’t care, but some responses to things people post leave me with my mouth wide open.  Please, tell us what you really think!

A member wrote on a forum the other day complaining that it is simply impossible to find a guy in the lifestyle who meets his wife’s standards. “She is gorgeous, like an 8 or 9/10,” he writes, “and she is looking for someone who looks like Channing Tatum or Rob Lowe. Believe me, she is that hot that it is fair.” He goes on to explain their dilemna that unattractive people are always hitting on them because they are both extremely hot and, after all, who can blame couples for wanting them. Unfrortunately for us plain folk, we can never meet their standards. After reading all the nasty comments it attracted I had to check out their profile. Wow! They could not find enough adjectives to describe how hot they are and how insanely difficult the lifestyle is proving for them due to a lack of suitable people to play with here on planet earth. Poor things.  The best part?  This couple frequents a swing club where we spend a fair amount of time .  Are they too hot for words?  Well let’s just say that beauty in this case, is clearly in the eye of the forum poster…  This is a perfect example of how truly “anonymous” posts really are.

Another woman wrote about a recent experience she and her husband had with another couple. Apparently they met the other couple one afternoon for coffee.  As a foursome, they decided they would meet the following weekend to play in one of the couple’s homes. As they went to leave, one woman slipped the other woman a note and asked her to read it when she got home. The note gave her a list of things the other couple was requesting of her: they wanted her fully shaved, to bring a strap on and to wear a butt plug. It went on to describe what the couple wanted to do with her when they met. The woman who received the note was asking if people thought it was strange to give a potential swinger couple a list such as this. Well, I was expecting to read answers to her question, but none were interested in what she was asking.  The first response was from a man who was furious that this other couple ignored her husband completely in the requests they had made.  He wrote that he would refuse to ever speak with them again. He wrote: “Nobody gonna make me a fool when all they want is to f*ck my wife! They gonna have to want me too!” Hmm, ok, let’s look at the next reply.  This one was also written by a man and he felt it was disrespectful as well.  “I feel this note disrespected this man and his wife.  He gave no indication that they said they were kinky or into S & M. If it were me and my wife, we would meet them for sure, but only to tell them that we find them repulsive.” Hmm… Still another male responded, “WTF? Who does this? Who goes into a swinging situation with another couple and hands them a list of demands?” One more, “Why would you reveal on a public forum what this couple was requesting from your wife? That’s not a good sign, it perhaps tells us that you kiss and tell.” Is anyone else confused by these responses?

Let’s look at one more: A woman wrote in to ask if other people had come across men with body odor ranging from bad breath to a foul smelling area down under. She wanted to know how people handle being in this situation.  She noted that by the time you become aware of the problem, it’s too late to back up. Personally, I was curious to hear the answers as I thought her question was a good one that many people would be able to relate to. First answer, and I quote, “What’s your problem? You think you smell so perfect? Let me tell you that you smell like fish!” Now there’s a helpful reply! Second person said that she should learn to breathe through her mouth so she doesn’t smell it and if that doesn’t work get some deoderant from a bathroom and spray him down. The third one told her that if something as silly as a little body odor upsets her maybe she is too delicate for the lifestyle. Hmm. After reading the responses I think I might be too delicate to post a question on the forum!

It’s really quite surprising to read such nasty responses, as generally speaking, people in the lifestyle are so supportive and warm. Do you suppose it’s just easy to be nasty when people can’t see you? Whatever the case may be, I think I won’t go on any forums looking for advise any time soon!