Sexual adventures are the new weekend activity of choice for people of all ages!

Sexual adventures are fun! Woman wearing Partners ID choker
Woman wearing Partners ID choker

Is it my imagination or have alternative sexual lifestyles exploded?

When I say lifestyle, naturally, swingers think I am talking about swingers. For the sake of this blog, I am not only talking about swingers but rather, every sexual lifestyle. This includes anyone who enjoys sex in a “non-traditional” sense. It could be an exotic dancer, an escort, a swinger, people who are into fetish, kink, etc.

Let us take Twitter as an example.

There are so many Twitter pages for escorts, dating services, kink, sex, porn and the like. If you check their followers, many are into the hundreds of thousands. What does that mean? Assuming the followers are real, there are a lot of people out there who are interested in sex. Many of these pages do not post naked or provocative photos so it’s not just the perverts who are following. Many simply try to sell something, like escort services and dating sites, while others are more informative with blogs and the like.

So who are all these people following them?

If I had to guess, I would say that almost everyone has a sexual itch that needs to be scratched, and this is a safe way to scratch. Many, because of their upbringing, are afraid to act on it and so the internet provides them with a safe way to explore this.

Are people more sexual today than they were in the past or do we just feel more free to express ourselves?

It would seem with religion becoming less important to people, attitudes have relaxed and people feel more comfortable exploring their sexuality. When we learn about sexual immortality from the past, it show us that it did indeed exist, it just wasn’t talked about and was not socially acceptable.

Everyday, it seems, I learn about new sex clubs by following people on Twitter. It used to be called the “underground” but since many of the articles I find are from the NY Post and other popular newspapers and magazines that must be changing. Sex is always a human interest story and I’m assuming that each time they run these kinds of articles they notice a surge in readers. After all, who doesn’t want to read about what kind of sexual activity their friends and neighbors might be involved in.

Are more people taking advantage of this new liberated way of thinking?

There is no question that people feel more comfortable and confidant to explore their sexual desires today. Most sex clubs and escort services were illegal in the past. Many people were afraid to be involved with these types of activities for fear of exposure. It was possible to be arrested if you were a patron and so only the bravest ( or the most desperate) of people were willing to take this risk. Strip clubs were dominated by men in the past but walk into one today and you will see that women can out number the men on any given night.

Sex has become chic; sexual adventures are the new go to for Saturday night fun.

If you belong to a sex club or swing club you are hip. There is no shame in bringing an escort to a party or a club. Strippers have become exotic dancers and with the name change, came a change in the way people view them. If you are bisexual, into BDSM or have an open marriage, it’s ok. People have become more curious than they are judgmental.

There is a club I read about in The New York Post called The New Society For Wellness: A Club For The Adventurous. The club tells the Post:
NSFW now has 700 members — all meeting Saynt’s (the owner) criteria of attractive, successful, avid social-media users — with an average age of 28. There are 300 more people on the waiting list, and more than 9,000 other applicants who didn’t make the cut.

Although some might doubt the 9,000 applicants, I do not have any doubt at all. This is not to say that everyone is ok with alternative sexual life-styles, but it seems that as time goes on, less people are concerned with what other people think. This has allowed them to pursue sexual lifestyles that appeal to them.

Who are all these people that have become more open minded and  sexually adventurous?

It used to be thought that swingers were a group of middle aged, over weight, unattractive, married couples. If you were to visit a swing club today, you would find many swingers to be exactly the opposite. Most are very stylish, successful, fit people. Some are married, some single, but many are people you would never suspect of being swingers. Some popular clubs boast an average of 250-300 couples regularly on Saturday nights. The need to sign up for a membership, complete with your driver’s license, does not seem to be a deterrent.

Age is no longer a factor for sexual adventure. It used to be mainly middle aged people who were bored in their marriages who were looking for something else. Today, as we see with the club in NY, many are as young as early twenties. It can’t be that they are bored with sex so perhaps it is simply with the ability to read about other lifestyles. Man young people, it seems, are both curious and open minded.

Sex is something pleasurable and should be enjoyed.

Let’s face it, sex feels good.  People today are more honest about this fact.  We enjoy sex both for the physical and the emotional connection it affords us.  Although some people will argue that it is solely meant to be shared between two people in a loving relationship, it seems this perspective is changing with the times. We may not all agree with what constitutes a ‘normal’ or a ‘healthy’ lifestyle, one thing is for sure: sex is a part of most adults lives.  We should feel free to explore what works for us, and thankfully it seems with time, this is happening.

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