It doesn’t get any hotter! A public sexual encounter because of the jewelry!

Sexual couple wearing Partners ID jewelry
Sexual couple wearing Partners ID jewelry




























It was supposed to be an easy, comfortable night. Dinner, movie then get a few drinks before heading home.

It was all so unexpected. I arrived at the movies early with my husband to get good seats. We snacked on some popcorn and licorice and drank bottled water (which we had filed with white wine at home).

We saw people enter the theater and grab seats, sometimes saving one or two for friends or loved ones.

The trailer started and lights went down. We were happy to see the movie would begin soon.

I rested my hand on his leg and he put his hand on top of mine.

Well after the movie began, I leaned into my husband and whispered in his ear that I would be right back, I was going to the restroom.

After I washed my hands and was walking out of the restroom I noticed a good looking man was waiting next to the door. I looked at him because I knew I was alone in the bathroom. I wondered who he could be waiting for.

He saw me looking curiously at him. He lifted his arm to point to his wrist. I looked down and saw he wearing lifestyle jewelry. I smiled because I knew he must have seen mine! I was wearing beautiful earrings which dangled down to my shoulders.

He wanted to know if my husband and I would be willing to meet him and his wife for a drink after the movie. I told him we would (I know my husband very well). He leaned in to kiss my cheek and I turned and opened my mouth to kiss him. It was an unexpected surprise for him and he grabbed my ass and pulled me in to him. Next thing I know we are in a stall and he’s pulling down my panties while kissing me. It was quick and it was hot. I hadn’t had sex like that in a very long time (and yes, we are swingers, this was just so hot).

We decided to meet at a bar across the street after the movie.

I returned to my seat and my husband was caught up in the movie. I decided to wait until after to tell him about my experience.

I told him I had met someone in the restroom and agreed to meet them at the bar after the movie. He was fine with that so we hurried across the street to get out of the cold. We waited for them at the bar and I was happy to see that his wife was someone my husband would find attractive (always makes things easier)! They came over and we introduced ourselves.

Over drinks we told them how we had met at the restroom and had a quickie before heading back into the theater. His wife got very excited just hearing the story and put her hand on my husband’s leg. She told him it would seem only fair if the two of the them went to the restroom in the back and did the same. My husband was on his feet before anyone could respond and off they went.

Needless to say, this was the most incredible experience we have ever had with another couple. It was easy and spontaneous and so hot that we are still talking about it at night in bed!

We have seen them quite a few times and it has been amazing!

This is all thanks to the jewelry because without it, none of us would have known the other was in the lifestyle.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!


Tori and Jonathan

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